Get Well Soon Gift Set Aromatherapy Present


Introducing the Get Well Soon Gift Box. 2020 was a year associated with illness. We have all tried our best to keep ourselves and each other safe from Covid 19. And now we are beginning to be able to socialise slightly more (albeit from a distance!) it seems the pesky flu and cold bugs are at large. This box is perfect for when you're feeling run down or to give to someone as a Get Well Soon present.

Each set contains-

a Lemon candle, Bergamot wax melts and a Clove Reed Diffuser. Lemon is thought to aid congestion, Bergamot contains antiseptic properties while Clove has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

* The Bergamot Wax Melts have now been replaced with Teatree, known for it's antseptic, antimicrobial, anti fungal properties.

As with all my products they are made by hand, to order, with essential oils and natural products. Postage is an additional £2.95 with Royal Mail. Beautifully packaged.