Handmade Natural Wax Melt Set


Wax melts made by hand with natural oils and products. No added colours or chemicals- Scents and Grace are proud that all their products are natural. Vegan friendly. Currently available in-

English Rose- A delicate and subtle scent with real rose petals. Decreases anxiety and stress.

Lavender- A relaxing and soothing scent with real lavender seeds. Stress relief and aids sleep.

Orange- An uplifting and fruity scent with real orange pieces. Aids depression.

Lemon- A light, sweet citrus fragrance. Improves cold symptoms, relieves morning sickness, energises and relieves anxiety and depression.

Clove- A sweet yet spicy, warm scent made with clove oil and real cloves. Aids respiratory issues.

Sandalwood- An earthy, musky, masculine scent. Increases alertness and aids anxiety.

Neroli- A floral scent. Aids depression and anxiety.

Jasmine- A strong floral scent. Aids depression and improves mood. Also acts as an aphrodisiac.

Ylang Ylang- An oriental, strong scent. Boosts mood, reduces depression and anxiety.

Bergamot- A floral scent blended with zesty citrus. Elevates mood and aids stress.

Frosted Berries- A blend of berries with a musky undertone.

Vanilla- Sweet and creamy. Calms the mind.

Peppermint and Vanilla- A sweet yet cool blend. Peppermint is believed to aid headaches.

Baked Apple- A blend of apple, cinnamon and vanilla.

Ideal to pop onto a wax burner to scent the home. Each melt will provide approximately 12 hours of fragrance. CLP compliant. Matching candles and reed diffusers available. The wax melts come beautifully packaged as a set of three in a hessian gift bag. Postage is an additional £1.40 with Royal Mail. State your chosen scent in the Order specifics box when making payment.