Parenting Knowhow 2


2 hours of Know How
This is a person centred approach to parenting, where you focus on your relationship. Person centred relationships are evidenced as being the main drive behind psychologically healthy personality change.  Being person centred means that empathy (a desire to understand from the other person’s perspective), unconditional positive regard (accepting the person, with ‘no strings attached’) and congruence (you’re transparently real) is at the heart of all your communication.
If you provide person centred parenting in your home, everyone’s behaviour will transform and relationships will become mutually respectful and cooperative.

The parenting approach is Relational (based on Person Centred Theory) and ensures the needs of everyone are met (Parent and Child). It is neither permissive nor authoritarian. It is authoritative; and gives parents the skills to discipline their children, so that children and young people can be themselves AND be considerate of others. Establish this parenting approach early on, to avoid problems from happening in the first place; or bring this approach in to repair relationships that have been damaged in the past.

Accessible, affordable and available for all parents/carers of verbal children of any age.  Prevent problems from happening in the first place – repair relationships if they need it. Get the KnowHow to transform behaviour and build stronger relationships for a happier family.

These workshops are for parents/carers, for anyone working in a helping or supporting role for families; and they can also count towards your CPD.

If you would prefer to work with a group of friends, (I need a minimum number of 5 people)  please let me know what dates/times work best for you.  There is an option to run these workshops as 2 full days (10am-4pm). Please ask!


Find your ‘style’ of parenting; understand the pyschology of growth and development; bust some Parenting Myths; recognise the difference between Needs and Values (yours and your family); increase your Emotional Self Awareness and Self Confidence; and find 5 values you want to bring into your parenting.

Understand how your brain works and why an integrated brain is important for you and your child; move from being reactive to proactive; learn how to regulate so you can think clearly (and help your child to regulate eg trantrums/meltdowns); cultivate resilient parenting and a growth mind-set.

Understand and apply Person Centred Theory to your relationships; recognise empathy and your blocks to empathy; accept your child as they are, whilst being authentically you; avoid the pitfalls of dysfunctional relating; practice Active Listening Skills and Mediation Skills so that children can move from emotional distress to problem solving.

Less arguments and more communication; keep your cool (anger management); understand an appropriate use of power and learn how to influence your child to encourage considerate behaviour; develop a discipline philosophy so that you can address unacceptable behaviour and give healthy praise; avoid power struggles so that your family has boundaries everyone respects; and resolve conflict so that everyone is OK.

Move from being concerned to influencing your child’s values; live the values you want to see in your child; allow your child to be different to you (so you can change with your child); and understand what do do when you and your child have values clashes.

These workshops will run online, using Zoom.  This is a fully encrypted (confidential) software package, which is free for you to use.   You will be able to see and hear everyone in the group, so there will be time for interactive exercises and supportive discussion.  There will be small and large group work (using the Breakout Rooms feature) and Tutor Presentation (I will be able to share materials with you online).  If you’d prefer to work 1:1 (or 1:2, with your partner), please book a Coaching session.