The Grey Gift Box


A beautifully packaged gift set including a ceramic wax burner, reed diffuser and set of three wax melts in a hessian bag. Our reed diffusers are made using natural oils and products while our wax melts are a blend of coconut and rapeseed oil wax with natural oils and products. Vegan friendly, soy free, palm oil free and additive free. Child and pet friendly. CLP compliant.

The Grey box- A grey burner, reed diffuser with grey reeds and set of 3 wax melts in your choice of scent.

Choose your scent from our large range-

English Rose- A delicate and subtle scent with real rose petals. Decreases anxiety and stress.

Lavender- A relaxing and soothing scent with real lavender seeds. Stress relief and aids sleep.

Orange- An uplifting and fruity scent with real orange pieces. Aids depression.

Lemon- A light, sweet citrus fragrance. Improves cold symptoms, relieves morning sickness, energises and relieves anxiety and depression.

Clove- A sweet yet spicy, warm scent made with clove oil and real cloves. Aids respiratory issues.

Sandalwood- An earthy, musky, masculine scent. Increases alertness and aids anxiety.

Neroli- A floral scent. Aids depression and anxiety.

Jasmine- A strong floral scent. Aids depression and improves mood. Also acts as an aphrodisiac.

Ylang Ylang- An oriental, strong scent. Boosts mood, reduces depression and anxiety.

Bergamot- A floral scent blended with zesty citrus. Elevates mood and aids stress.

Frosted Berries- A blend of berries with a musky undertone.

Vanilla- Sweet and creamy. Calms the mind.

Peppermint and Vanilla- A sweet yet cool blend. Peppermint is believed to aid headaches.

Baked Apple- A blend of apple, cinnamon and vanilla.

Clary Sage- A herby, earthy scent. Acts as an aphrodisiac.

State your choice of scent at checkout.