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Scents and Grace

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From my family to yours...

Welcome to Scents and Grace! Based in Norfolk, I make home fragrance by hand using high quality natural products which are vegan and eco friendly.

I was inspired to start up Scents and Grace in 2019 when I began to get headaches while using a large brand name of candles. It concerned me that if the candles were affecting me, what could they be doing to my children and pets. After a lot of research I was shocked to find out about the additives and nasties in other candle brands and I began experimenting to create my own brand of home fragrance using natural products. At Scents and Grace I don't use any nasty additives, colours or glitters which are no good for us or the planet.

I love spending time amongst nature and appreciate the benefits of using natural products for health and wellbeing purposes. Medicine certainly has a place within society but there are some amazing benefits of natural scents which can help to ease conditions.

My branding is natural, simple, rustic and the packaging is either bio-degradable, re-useable or recyclable.

I strive to make my products unique. I can make bespoke products for any occasion. Please do let me know if you have any special requests or requirements and I will be more than happy to meet them for you.

Sarah x

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