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Choose from low n slow Beef Brisket, Shredded Pork, Chicken Verde, Chipotle Pinto Bean (VE)
Cream Cheese n Spring Onion w Jalapenos (V)

I’m sharing my grandma’s tradition of making homemade Tex-Mex Tamales here in the UK. My earliest memories are of family gatherings in grandma’s kitchen, grandma and even grandpa making the tamales with my aunts, cumin seeds being crushed, garlic and chillies. In those days it was a pig’s head in a pot on the stove simmering away for pork tamales, a large bowl with the soft warm masa being spread onto corn husks, ready to be filled with the tasty pork in Mexican spiced sauce. It was during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays fresh tamales would be made, my uncles would then take them to neighbours and friends, and of course all the family would have bags of tamales to take home too.
This memory has never left me, over the years I’ve been able to visit my family in San Antonio, Texas and have always eaten tamales! It was during a phone call with my grandma that I decided to have a go making them here in the UK. When asking my 96 year old grandma what measurements to use, her reply was “oh you’ll know by taste”!! well of course, that wasn’t going to be the case, thankfully with the use of Facebook and Messenger I was able to chat with other family members and bring grandma’s recipe together to create the tasty Tex-Deb Tamales I’m making today.
It’s been a journey since that day of making them in my kitchen with my niece, we were both so excited to try the first one and so pleased they tasted just like the ones we’ve had in Texas! Since then I’ve made them for friends and family, and summoned up the courage to set up a street food business to enable more people to try a new Tex-Mex experience here in the UK. Lunchtime bliss or twilight snack, these steamed, corn-husk-clad masa delights are comfort food, Tex-Mex style! So looking forward to the opportunities that may come my way...

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